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Telling stories that matter,
by combining corporate experience with creative expression.


This is me on a website. If you like what you see let's get a coffee... or a piña colada🍹

Producer/Director/Video Guy

Collaborating with purposeful communications people to create meaningful content. 

For the past 10 years I’ve been the video guy within local government, creative agency and higher education. I now run my own hustle so that I can be your video guy - supplementing your team to help deliver that big project or campaign.


While running the content team at Monash Uni, I would often engage external suppliers to supplement my great (but small) team to take both the quality and quantity of content to the next level! 


It made the organisation look great, it made the department look great and most importantly it made me look great! 


That’s exactly what I want to do for you - to help bump up the capacity of your team to engage your audience, smash organisational goals and make you look like a superstar… because that’s why you want to make a video right?! Otherwise you’d just chuck your content in that monthly EDM that no one reads…


Let’s make some video magic together xoxo


Have a look at the size of that head!


Don't believe me? Check out some of my latest videos below!
PhD Impact at Monash
Achieving Potential at Monash
Chef Out West - 4K Trailer
Monash Uni Events Reel
Koko Black | Australian Native Collection
TVC 30 Sec 1080 ONLINE
Everyone Needs a Bessie Baldry - with Cathy Freeman
Monash University | CoVid 19 Pause


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